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Who am I?

I'm Michael Paulison and I live in Northern New Jersey. I do not consider myself a photographer, but as someone that enjoys taking pictures. I don't do everything right and many times I don't do most things right.


What do I take pictures of?

I enjoy taking close, candid shots of people I know. My home state is very beautiful and interesting to me, so most of my shots are focused here in New Jersey. New Jesrey gets a bum rap and I want to do my part to change that a little. I am a huge fan of the abandoned and distressed. Like so many photographers, I feel there is beauty in decay. There is a historical significance of catching something near the end of its existence and showing it to still be interesting and worthy right up until the end.



Comments have always been a tricky subject for me. I keep few friends and bookmarks. Those are photographers that I do not want to forget and need to follow their journey. I want to be able to enjoy other peoples work and not simply fly by while commenting. I appreciate every comment I get and that even includes critical ones. Critique brings you closer to what you want to present. I do not spend any extra time in a busy day trying to build my comment 'base'. instead, I sit and enjoy those I follow. I also look for new and spectacular photographers who present styles that intrigue me.


Post processing

I must admit that I love Photoshop and Lightroom. Not for workflow or any of that mumbo jumbo of a professional photographer, but as a toy, a learning experience and a vehicle. I currently use Photoshop CS5 Extended and Lightroom V3. I find them so enjoyable and so full of possibilities that I use them both almost constantly. I try not to completely alter a photo... at least not the intent and spirit of the original, but enhance what I remember seeing and liking about the original scene. Then, in other cases, I'll take a photo and completely alter it into a different experience altogether, through layering or compositing. I believe in both the art of the camera AND the artistic license of software. Afterall, it's my art and I can present my image in the way that works best for me. Let's put it this way... I'm not a documentational photographer.


Other places I'm at

My main site is www.paulison.com . From there, my other blogs and gallery are reachable.

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